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KAZITECHHUB is here with the aim to enlighten the lives of people through education with the motto of 100% user satisfaction. So, in case you are unhappy with the products you can request refund to our support team or you can directly ask for Refund from from your account of the website. We will review and inform you the approval status within 24 hour’s of your refund request. Upon approval of your request, we will refund within 3 days of your purchase because we sent payment to our valued instructors within 3 days after payment confirmation from users/customers.

Note that, change of mind is not applicable after receiving the product

Process Of Requesting Refund

Open your Account by log in user name or e-mail(what you given account name or e-mail when enrolling course)
Go to the your account (dashboard)
Click cancel on orders

Within 24 hours after taken products you can go through cancel from orders tab of your account for refund

*** Remember, Refund request is only applicable when you purchase the course directly from

Reasons For Rejection Of “Refund Request”
You have to Apply for Refund within 24 hours of products purchased.
If you request a refund for multiple products within a very short span of time.
If you viewed/ completed / downloaded the full course before requesting a refund.
If you purchase the course from a third party/ from IOS device/ from a country where payment
sending from our payment gateway is not possible etc.
Our support team will review your request, activities on your account very strictly to save our quality
learning from wrongful deception.

We would highly appreciate hearing any type of comment, feedback, suggestion or question about
our products, services and quality. Please feel free to contact us to improve our service and every
kind of support.
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